"Joni Mitchell’s sly and perceptive confessional meets Fiona Apple’s confrontational doomed romantic, with little hints of Tori Amos’ gonzo earth mother and Carole King’s practical warmth." New Orleans Offbeat Magazine 

"Sultry" Denver's Marquee Magazine 

 "Sure to brighten your day!" New Colorado Music You Should Know 303 Magazine Denver 

"Maclaine’s powerhouse vocals...she belts in a way that would lift the roof." Alex Galbraith, Offbeat Magazine 

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Mezzo soprano-pianist-composer Jesse Maclaine began working as a professional performer and recording artist at age 20 and by 25 she had collaborated with friends in New Orleans and RCA Studios Nashville to produce her premiere LP as Aural Elixir. Seasoned by over two decades as a bandleader and composer, her shows are crafted from a sturdy framework of popular covers, obscure treasures, and finely crafted originals - all enhanced by an irrepressible wave of inspiration and joie de vivre which ensures each performance is a unique experience. Many people note Jesse's music is similar to Tori Amos, Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, or Carole King, yet most agree her sound is one of a kind. Whether solo, duo, or larger ensemble, Jesse Maclaine delivers lovely, soulful, groovy, exciting music that is both accessible and defies categorization.

Here is a 2 minute teaser of the Aural Elixir trio LIVE!


Ms. Maclaine on stage, in the spotlight at Cafe Istanbul Performance Theatre's baby grand piano with eyes closed, head tilted slightly back...into itIn the spring of 2018 Jesse Maclaine opened for Melissa Etheridge! Later in the year, Jesse founded the Musical Women Show and Social Hour to help increase visibility of women in music by collaborating and connecting with the local community of professional and amateur female and female identified musicians. She hosts a Musical Women Facebook Page and organizes a MWSHS concert every few months. (Feel free to contact her if you or someone you know would be interested in performing!) She also completed her first commissioned musical theater score and begun composing her first symphonic piece. She played nearly 100 shows, composed / arranged / performed the music for "Witches and Harlots" an original play presented by Mercury Cafe Denver and Allied Witches Theater, contributed a song to the compilation CD for the Musician's Resistance, and recorded / produced a dozen new live videos. Visit Jesse on YouTube to check out over a decade of live videos or Soundcloud to hear her compositions and preview new musical works. 2019 holds all sorts of new sonic adventures including the debut of her new project Jesse Maclaine & the Scotch! Listen to their dynamic and irresistible playlist of select live cuts from their debut concert, look for #jmscotch and follow them on social media.  

Jesse is currently accepting concert bookings for 2019/2020, commissions for custom songs or film/TV soundtracks, bookings for weddings/special events/private parties, music lessons, songwriting coaching sessions, workshops for all ages, vocal overdubs (lead, background, or multiple parts), freelance vocal/piano/keyboard performances in various genres as well as recording sessions. Feel free to reach out with any questions or for a complimentary consultation and estimate!

DynamoHummingbird@gmail.com or 720-442-0789

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Check out this artsy video for the live #jmsotch version of Jesse's song "Move" and see how long you can stay still.



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